Shaggy carpets add a luxurious touch and offer a cozy feeling to a space

One of the most popular types of rug and something loved by one and all is the classic shaggy carpet. The lustrous shine and soft texture of these rugs and carpets make you fall in love with them instantly. Whether you want to slip into these for your lazy afternoons or create that warm feel for your space, shag rugs are just perfect. Custom capabilities enable you to choose the colour, material, fibre length and your size.


Get playful

The right balance between luxury and fun

Unique. Enjoyable. It can’t get better


The warmth in the room is embedded with love

Nest your feet or indulge into the comfort of using Shag Rugs, you are sure to find the rug that completes your home.


Get spoilt with choice

Break the color patterns and blend it seamlessly with your interiors

So soft and plush, each Shag Rug blends contemporary perceptions and Indian aesthetics. Absolutely designed for the world beyond what you see.

A luxury you cherish for a lifetime

The right balance between luxury and fun
Each thread has a luxurious texture and lustrous look

The easiest way to decorate your room is to get a shaggy rug that brings in comfort and style to your spaces. Tie the room together with the rugs at The Weaver and sweep away your interior design worries. The versatile colors of the most laid-back rug can blend in any interiors. They are patterned colorfully and a great motivator of flexibility. Let the glossy fiber of the shaggy carpets make the statement and bring the extra spark to your modern home.

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