The collection oceanic bliss captures the peace and tranquility that the feeling of being next to the ocean brings to you. All the emotions that water evokes in you, The smell and freshness, the sense of belonging, the sense of awe, feeling of sublime but most importantly the feeling of peace, is what best summarises the feeling of ocean.


Abyssal refers to the depth of the ocean. This category captures the mystery that the depths bring. The organic shapes, the patterns and the colours reflect the possibility in the unknown. The colours, greys, dark blue and gold, evokes a sense of tranquility in the depths.


Coral is inspired by vibrant and intricate coral reefs. They are living, breathing and full of textures. We have chosen shades of orange, beige and pinks to represent the lively and warm hues found in the coral ecosysytem.


Waves reflects the dynamic and rythmic movements of ocean waves. The color palette of blues, beige, and dark grey, captures the shifting tones and textures of the sea. The artworks are inspired by the fluid lines, abstract patterns, and sense of motion.

The Oceanic Bliss Story

Aniruddh & Shilpa Maroo

When two creative minds join forces, a harmonious fusion is born, and thus, The Weaver emerges in the bustling heart of Mumbai. The brainchild of Shilpa and Aniruddh Maroo, this brand is a testament to the celebration of boundless creativity and endless possibilities.

With Shilpa and Aniruddh at its helm, both renowned for their diverse backgrounds and a shared passion for artistry, The Weaver is built on a common vision. Together, they are on a mission to curate rugs that are uniquely tailored, blending artisanal craftsmanship with the power of personal expression.

The Weaver curates Bespoke Rugs that are ‘Made for you’ and ‘Made by you’.

The brand believes that you are The Weaver at The Weaver.

Palak Choudhary

Palak Choudhary, a self-taught artist hailing from the vibrant city of New Delhi, skillfully weaves her background in Interior Architecture and Design with a postgraduate degree in Visual Communication and Design to craft her captivating artwork. Her creations spring from the depths of her personal experiences, serving as a therapeutic vessel for her ever-evolving emotional landscape.

For Palak, art has become a sacred refuge, a profound means of articulating the constant ebb and flow of her emotions. It offers her solace and composure, extending a continuum of practices designed to attain the same. The recurring motifs in her work provide a sense of familiarity, dispelling the apprehension of the unfamiliar and enabling her to be fully immersed in the present moment an intense sensation she passionately aspires to share with her audience.

“Oceanic Bliss” draws its inspiration from the organic wonders of the world and Palak’s enduring fascination with the boundless ocean. This collection features rhythmic, flowing patterns that encapsulate the essence of her artistic vision.