At The Weaver we like to take you through a journey of creating art through our rugs and our key quality is our customisation.


We create designs from your inspiration or you could pick designs from our catalogue.

Colour preferences

Colour preferences are very subjective. We customise and all you have to do is pick your shade from the swatch box.


The right material brings quality to the table. We let you hand-pick the material of your choice to create the right ambience.


Its time to see the final simulation- your design, your colours, your material, your rug.


Dyeing is created by using a precise combination of colours. There is a quality check to give you the right hues to your carpet.
We weave your carpet to your preference and style. At the finishing stage, we can achieve effects such as Embossing or Carving to further add value to your rug.

The Weaver delivers

The Weaver delivers you the finished Rug or Carpet – the one that will be your favorite artwork.

Like what you see? Let The Weaver transform your space

Colour swatches available​

​Ready​-​to​-​use designs


​​Easy steps and ‘The Weaver’ delivers​