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Have your own design? Let us make an amazing carpet/rug for you with your design.

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With 500+ designs and 1900+ color swatches, you will never run out of imagination

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Carpet Couturiers – a glimpse into handcrafted carpets by The Weaver

There’s always been a subconscious yet intrinsic association of carpets with richness. This is perhaps because they’re often looked at as less of a necessity and more of luxury....

High level process from ideation to final outcome

I am here to talk to you about a genie. A genie with a rug. Many many rugs actually. A genie who asks you if you would like to design your own rug. Yes, you get to pick the...

A Journey of Our Hand Tufted Rug x The Weaver

When you know the faces behind a product, the work, the effort that goes behind it, your conscious mind elevates it from seeing it as just a product to a piece that you are...

Expert rug styling with The Weaver

This look is about contrast and balance. Mix monotones with splashes of colour, and contrast angular shapes with fluid ones. Don’t shy away from eclectic, statement pieces, but...

What Space Are You At ?

Office Carpets

Office Carpets

Contributing to the creativity and productivity of a performing arena.
HOTEL carpets

Hotel Carpets

A strong design vehicle to give you a pleasant travel experience and stay.
Home carpets

Home Carpets

Most acclaimed wall to wall carpets in Mumbai.
OUT HOUSE carpets

Outhouse Carpets

Make your entryway welcoming. The strong rugged outhouse carpet can challenge any weather.

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Actual Carpet Actual Carpet

Carpet Design Carpet Design

Discover the weaving experiences for your home and heart. Our hand knotted rugs are intricate designs, detailing the expertise of the weavers.We believe that our customers are the true weavers and therefore, we share the experience of designing a carpet together. Innovate. Create. Explore.

At The Weaver, we believe that everyone is an artist.

Rugs and Carpets are an incredible piece of art. At The Weaver, the most acclaimed carpet manufacturers in India, we believe that a rug isn’t a character that just fills in a space. The Weaver dramatically enhances your lifestyle and complements your personality. Meet the elite carpet manufacturers in Mumbai, offering customized rugs and carpets with value just beyond décor.

Discover design ideas

Browse incredible designs and explore the original rug world

Our brand has become synonymous to our designs, novelty and the vast color bank. The abstract nature or the flamboyant festivals of the country inspire us to make the world a beautiful place. The geometry of the monuments and the geography of the famous cities inspire us to weave the threads into a design.

Customised carpets at your doorstep

Give your interiors a slick of your personality, just as it should be

Let the artist in you speak through your furnishings. We try to reach a new level of customization and design. From our professional team of interior designers to the experts who decode the best fit for your living spaces, we will be part of your journey. Floors of all types are what our rugs and customised carpets are woven to cover and balance.

A tour of finest products

Find the rugs and carpets that are individual and unique like you are

Discover the weaving experiences for your home and heart. Our hand knotted rugs are exotic and intricate, detailing the expertise of the weavers. The Weaver, also provides hand-tufted rugs and carpets in any color you can think of. With Flat Weave, bring a little part of mother earth to your home. While leather carpets are modern and unique, handloom rugs are a complement to your simplicity. The smallest of quality threads are woven into a soft shaggy carpet to add a luxurious touch to your space.

Meet the professionals

Encounter the inspiration behind our astonishing designs

Being the pioneer carpet dealer in Mumbai, we have been carrying the legacy of pride – from people, heritage and exclusive designs since we are set up. As an experienced carpet dealer in Mumbai, service is another important pillar of our business. We cater to all your needs from assistance, selection, design, installation to post purchase to ensure optimum performance. The Weaver has its wings spread across to serve home, hotel, entertainment and leisure sectors.

The craft involves paying great attention to detail. When it comes to sustainable business in the carpet sector, The Weaver staffs’ heritage weavers and carpet manufacturers in Mumbai who carry distinct knowledge and expertise. Their time allows us a unique vantage with which we communicate our carpets and rugs to the people from our progressive weaving facilities. The Weaver constantly keeps in par with the latest technology changes and production techniques to deliver reliable, elevated performance and high-class designs to reach global customers. Our traditional methods of design and impeccable inspection methodologies make us the best carpet manufacturer in India.

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