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Bringing your artistic vision to life is the motto of custom design process.

The Weaver is recognized as breakthrough creative source stretching the way people think about design, pattern and color. Our ability to join together experience, technical skill and thoughtful design allows us to deliver high performance! We have the creativity to balance the vibrant interiors with subtle statements and that makes us one-of-a-kind hotel carpet manufacturers.

When your hotel stands out through its artistic interiors, your carpets should too. Walk into sheer elegance in the Lobby, Restaurants, Elevators, Rooms, Suites and Lounge. The grandness of your hotel will always be appreciated and now the right carpet will create the head turns too. Being a pioneer hotel carpet manufacturer, The Weaver is a tour around the world to discover incredible hotel carpets designs.

Walkthrough the colossal catalog and stay amazed in a roller-coaster ride of discovering bespoke carpets you desire. Let the artist in you dream and we build on your company’s brand, on your preferences and on your identity.

Bringing your artistic vision to life is the motto of custom design process. Customise carpets to the personality of your space to match all your requirements. Our extensive range varies in type, style, colour and design and we deliver carpets with high performance and durability. We are adept commercial carpet manufacturers with one of the largest floor covering carpet design archives.

One-of-a-kind craftsmanship and design quality is guaranteed with every rug and carpet you take home from The Weaver. Our expert team comes to your assistance to guide you every step from concept to execution.

The hotel carpets are crafted by expert craftsmen who own generations of rare experience. It is in their spaces you will find a blend of modern technology and traditional competence. These rugs have their own charm. We are driven by the professional team and exceptional quality. Our team of designers serve you to build inspirational flooring solutions.

Being adept commercial carpet manufacturers, our pride are our artist’s and professional experts who build from these inspirations. Crafted to match every contemporary and traditional design spaces, the carpets at The Weaver come in the shades of your personality.

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