About Us

Carpet Manufacturer & Dealer in Mumbai, India

It is a myth that only a designer can Innovate. Create. Explore. At The Weaver, we believe that everyone is an artist.
Every carpet we design, is a journey that speaks a million words.

Handmade rugs and carpets are preferred by discerning customers for their luxury, comfort, rich textures and heritage. We take this a step forward by using the same heritage technique with modern designs, all of which are customised in innumerable ways making every rug truly unique.

We began this journey in 2012, and our biggest inspirations have been our clients. We want to spread our belief that everyone is a Weaver and therefore, we share the experience of carpet weaving together. Each rug is outcome of a shared vision by you and us.

Today, we have supply to about 20 nations across continents and we are on the path to reach out to the world.

Explore the process of customizing your carpet.